Travel in Style

Posted on by Rudra P

Travel in Style

I am endlessly inspired by travel. Even from a young age, my mother said that I was born under a wandering star. In a similar vein, when I came across the story of Aloha Wanderwell, I knew she was a sister spirit. I don't know if many people know her story, but she was the first woman to drive around the world and became known as "the world's most traveled girl" after she answered a newspaper ad seeking a driver and secretary for a round-the-world trek.

She visited 43 countries on four continents and collected along the way. I love that in her later years, Aloha tended to her priceless collection of artifacts, films, and photos from all of her travels. Before she passed, she arranged for the majority of her work to be given to museums around the U.S. Reading about her passion for travel, collection, and adventure reminds me of my own wanderlust.

Every piece of jewelry, the textiles I design, the art and furniture we have at Ceylon et Cie are all nods to the joy of traveling, learning  about different cultures, and appreciation for all the world has to offer us when we choose to explore.

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Get your Wanderlust on!