Perfect Tables

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Perfect Tables

I have been flipping through my good friend William Yeoward’s wonderful book "Perfect Tables" recently and with the holidays fast approaching, I love admiring his table settings for every occasion. When setting a table, I tend to mix antique and modern elements to really delight the eye. William and I share a love of blue, like he points out in the color section of his tome, “from eighteenth century Chinese ceramics to the Bristol blue glass of early nineteenth century”, it just works.

On my tables, I like to tell a story using like items or a color scheme. I always advise people to use your own collections for table settings. For instance, if you collect Murano glass, Weller pottery, or blue and white porcelain, do a whole themed table and make it your own. Not every place setting has to be the same either so don't be afraid to mix the fine with the found.


From tying napkins to arranging glasses, Perfect Tables guides even the novice hostess to set up a delightful event. If you adore William’s Crystal and Bone China collection as much as I do, you can find them here

Happy Hosting!