In Love With Cabana

Posted on by Rudra P

In Love With Cabana

The Cabana Anthology just came out and I am obsessed. I have been reading Cabana Magazine since the day it came out, so I am overjoyed there’s now a book I can have on my table of all their beautiful textile focused interiors. I am delighted that some of my friends, Carolina Irving and Miguel Flores Viana (who shot a lot of my book Wanderlust), contribute to the magazine as well.

I took a moment to scan a couple of my favorite rooms out of the book and get creative energy flowing by drawing extra patterns into the already fabulous spaces, which is something I do often to magazines. I like how time stops when I am creating art and drawing. It’s something I’ve done since I was a young child.

One thing I love about Cabana is their heavy focus on textiles on each cover. One of my favorite brands, Etro designed their Issue 3 cover in 2015. If you’ve not shopped Etro yet, you’re missing out. Another brand with patterns for days is Johnny Was, who has some great boho pieces right now, too, if you’re in the market.

Flipping through this book reminds me of one of my favorite films, Doctor Zhivago. Cabana does a great job of focusing on different countries and types of design. One issue of Cabana Magazine was even focused on Russian textiles, which I think are so great. I’m influenced by these textiles for my line with Vervain. I can’t wait until this line comes out in 2020.


Here’s some cozy movies that are layered and luxe to curl up with while you’re flipping through this new tome! 

Doctor Zhivago

Beauty & The Beast (Cocteau)

Now, Voyager

I hope you’ll grab yourself a copy of this fantastic new design book. So special!