Cubism Craze

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Cubism Craze

Lately, I’ve been on a Cubism kick. Cubist art is a great transitional genre where modern can still look very contemporary but goes with almost any interior from traditional to super modern.  I like the fact that Picasso was heavily inspired by Sub-Saharan African masks and African artwork in the conception of the angles of his paintings, which points to something primitive and timeless. I also find that there is a lot of symbology in African art that is also found in Cubism and Picasso’s pieces. I love the work that Diego Rivera did in the cubist style as well, after his time in Paris.

Defined by distorted and fragmented forms and the use of multiple perspectives, Cubism influenced much of the art that came after, from modern literature to fashion. My first ever job was working at the Yves Saint Laurent Boutique here in Dallas at 17 after high school let out. So I've always loved his brand. Yves Saint Laurent had many art inspired collections and pieces over the years, but his Cubism inspired looks always stood out to me, from his Mondrian Dress from 1965, the 1988 collection inspired by Braque’s doves, to his final couture show in 2002 with pieces inspired by Matisse and Picasso. I love the fragmented and structural element of Cubism inspired jewelry and design, the geometric shapes and kaleidoscopic feeling, that I designed my Mariposa Mod textile with these vibrant shapes in mind.  

Below are some Cubist Paintings that I’ve sourced over the years from the 1930s and 40s, that are available if you’re in the market. They often depict musical instruments and involve an element of paper collage, which I love. Also, I’ve added a couple documentaries on Cubism below, if you want even more.

1940s French Cubist Oil Painting on Cardboard

STM Signed Portrait of a Woman Cubist Painting

French Mid-Century Modern Signed Cubist Oil Painting

Late 1930s Parisian Signed Cubist Self-Portrait Oil Painting

French Mid-Century Modern Cubist Portrait of Woman Painting

1940s Signed French Collage Cubist Guitar Painting

"Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies"

"The Mystery of Picasso"


Here's a short history of Cubism filmed by Phil Hansen, as well! Enjoy!!